Embrace the mane!

I have thick curly hair! When I say thick, I mean it has nothing on a lion’s mane!

When I was younger, my hair was not thick at all. Actually, as a child I barely had any hair. My family always made fun of me and still do to this day. They would share stories about how they would try and tape barbie doll hair to my head… yeah. (I blame them for cursing/blessing me with the mane I have today.) You would think, because of this I would LOVE the fact that I have lots of hair. Yeah, no.

I didn’t know what to do with my curls and no one else in my family had hair like mine. I just wanted easier hair and be able to do things with it without it looking a mess. I was teased about nappy hair or about my fro or that it was a mess and looked like a bird’s nest. As I grew older I tried everything to have normal, manageable hair. I straightened it almost all the time, always put it up in a bun, or put different chemicals in my hair (relaxers, keratin treatments, etc). It was damaging my hair and causing it to break off or not grow. (I am still growing these pieces back.)

Before I knew how to manage my hair!


My hair straight and long!

After that point, I gave up. I decided I needed to find healthier alternatives to my hair and things that would actually work for me. I started using pinterest and Google to find what others were doing. After many trials and errors, I started to actually find things that worked for me.

Here’s a couple of things that worked for me (let me just say that no matter what, it will still be a mane just notttt a crazy untamed mane):

  1. LOTS OF GEL or MOUSSE! Yes, it sucks that your hair may be hard sometimes. Although, when I used it I found that no matter what my fro was going to win out, BUT I noticed that even though the mane found its way it was tamed just enough.
  2. Leave in conditioner = best friend. It’s literally my best friend. After my showers and yanking my hair with just my regular conditioner, using my leave in conditioner afterwards and not brushing through it or anything worked perfectly for me.
  3. 1 & 2 together: If I didn’t want super hard hair and a huge knotted mane then I usually use these two things together. It gives me a good mixture. Not too hard and not too soft. So my curls were tamed (semi) but still soft.
  4. Coconut Oil: Yes! After months of my mom asking me to test out using coconut oil on my hair I tried it. AND I AM IN LOVE! It has made my hair a little less frizzy and has made it so much softer. Now, I just started using it so I’m not sure what the long term result will be but my short term results is something I love. I suggest everyone with every type of hair to use it! Plus its useful for even as lotion or cooking oil. How can you go wrong with such a versatile option!
  5. THIS: it works!  :
  6. LASTLY: CONFIDENCE… I am still working on this one but still there are days that I own my curls and rock my mane! You’re a lion. You are on top of the world and fierce! Remember that! My curls are unique and beautiful, but a pain in the ass (they are like me)! 🙂

My hair after I learned to manage it!

There are days where I hate my hair and just plain annoyed with it. I have learned though that everyone has that issue, you just have to deal and learn to fall in love with your hair. Plus I’ve learned to think of my mane like this, when its curly I’m one person and when its straight I can feel like a brand new woman. Also, it could be much worse…. I could have no hair. Its been a process and is still a process that I am learning.

But I am still learning and starting to EMBRACE THE MANE!




Just want to be one of the cool kids! 

I am the 3rd to youngest out of my 8 siblings! My 4 oldest sisters I never really hung out or were around as I was growing up. Then, 2 of my brothers are under the age of 6. 

So the only ones really around was my oldest brother, currently 31, and then one of my sisters, currently 25. Then there was my cousin, 27. She’s like my big sister and was always around (we couldn’t get rid of her, jk).

Of course out of the three I was the youngest and the last to turn 21. So unfortunate but I was still able to go to the parties and hang out (only when I had turned 18). Although, it wasn’t the same. No one likes being the sober one whenever everyone else has their drunk alter egos going on. 

I felt like I was missing out and that when I turned 21 I would be let in on the big crazy party and be part of the cool crowd. 

Boy oh boy was I wrong! 

Was I glad that I finally got to go out to the bars and party with my brother, cousin, and all their friends? Yes! But it wasn’t the idea I thought of. 

When I would see their pictures or hear their stories I would think oh that’s so funny or that’s so cool wish I was there! 

Well they got older and I was still young. That crazy party wasn’t the case for them anymore. My cousin’s a mom of three and well my brother…he’s 31. And my sister, well she went off on her on adventure. I’ve only experienced what I wished to be a part of maybe one time. 

From what I could remember of the night it was a fun time until all the alcohol and my dinner of the night came up. I realized then that the cool crowd I saw before was something that I didn’t want to be a part of. The going out and getting so drunk that I threw up or hearing about the embarrassing stories of my best friends experience the next day. 

(I already had that experience my entire freshman year… Let’s be serious it’s college. But it’s a different story when you can legally do it.) 

Although it wasn’t what I imagined, I did find something else. I saw a group of friends that had a few drinks, shared some laughs and stories, and made some memories. After seeing that, that was the cool crowd I liked and love being a part of.🍻🎉

Crockpot fan!

Slow Cooker a.k.a Crock-Pot: An electric pot…

When I was younger I loved the idea of cooking just hated the work involved in it. My mom always raved about her crock-pot and how amazinggg this thing was. I was just like okay cool its a cooking device, who cares.

When I got into college and actually had an apartment and had to cook for myself that is when I really hated all the work that was involved. Then everyone kept talking about crock pots and how great they are and how easy it is to cook with them.

I am a big pinterest fanatic! I can sit and pin all day long. Well, I started seeing all these meal recipes and a lot of crock-pot meals. I read up on them and realized oh wow these are easy I kind of want one now to try.

Of course my mom had one and she had made so many things in it but I never payed attention to it. Well, finally this year I took an interest in the cooking device. This Christmas my mom gave me her old one and even though I have only used it twice I love itttt.

(If only groceries were cheaper I’d use it everyday).

My very first crock-pot meal was Parmesan Chicken…

It was definitely a trial and error… it was still delicious though and easy! I layered it three times with cheese and sauce and just did not coat it enough with the bread crust. I still wonder if I would’ve layered the chicken only twice if that would’ve made a difference. After prepping, I cooked it on high for 4 hours although it very well could’ve been ready earlier than that… (it was a little burned around the edges). Oh well I guess I will have to try again to find out! I paired it with some spaghetti noodles and then oven baked homemade garlic bread toast.

Well last night I made the easiest dinner I could’ve possibly made.

If you go to the grocery store late a night you can get some food for cheaper. I bought about maybe 10 pound ( I really have no idea) chicken breasts that were already seasoned with bbq seasoning for about $7. So easy! Didn’t even have to do anything to it except put it in my crock-pot after my 11am class and set that magical device to high and waited 4 hours (waiting and smelling it cooking is the hardest part). Well at the last like 30 mins I made those instant bagged mashed potatoes and bam! I had my side dish. The chicken just fell apart and was flavorful (although I did dip my chicken in more bbq sauce). I made a little too much (well not the mashed potatoes because once I eat just a little bit I cannot stop) but hey now I have leftovers for my afternoon snack after class today! Thank goodness because I’m starving!

It was absolutely delicious, but next time I think I’m going to try injecting the bbq chicken with something or cook it in bbq sauce. Or for the Parmesan chicken definitely put more breadcrumbs! I definitely want to try  more dishes and maybe a little more complex. If you have any suggestions please do let me know!


Hey, What’s up, Hello!

This whole blogging thing is a little new to me so bear with me!

Well, I mean I’ve done the whole tumblr thing but I never actually wrote anything significant. Just reblogged and let other people voice what I wanted to say.

That’s obviously not going to be what I am doing here. haha

I am 21 years old and graduating senior so I have learned quite a bit but still have a lot of living and learning to do.

So with that being said, I am going to take you into the world of my life, my experiences, and what I have (hopefully) learned in the process. It may not always be that funny, interesting, or entertaining, but I do hope that it will be helpful and that I could receive feedback or even hear in response about your experiences.

Now, I am not very good at staying on top of things all the time but i am going to try and actively post about things. If you ever want to know if I posted about anything I am going to TRY (keyword there: try…) and update my other social media sites:

Facebook: Brittany Wallace

Twitter: bwallinn

Instagram: bwallinn

Tumblr (weird i know): http://ahellraisinsuga.tumblr.com/

I look forward to sharing with you and once again trying something new! 🙂