Crockpot fan!

Slow Cooker a.k.a Crock-Pot: An electric pot…

When I was younger I loved the idea of cooking just hated the work involved in it. My mom always raved about her crock-pot and how amazinggg this thing was. I was just like okay cool its a cooking device, who cares.

When I got into college and actually had an apartment and had to cook for myself that is when I really hated all the work that was involved. Then everyone kept talking about crock pots and how great they are and how easy it is to cook with them.

I am a big pinterest fanatic! I can sit and pin all day long. Well, I started seeing all these meal recipes and a lot of crock-pot meals. I read up on them and realized oh wow these are easy I kind of want one now to try.

Of course my mom had one and she had made so many things in it but I never payed attention to it. Well, finally this year I took an interest in the cooking device. This Christmas my mom gave me her old one and even though I have only used it twice I love itttt.

(If only groceries were cheaper I’d use it everyday).

My very first crock-pot meal was Parmesan Chicken…

It was definitely a trial and error… it was still delicious though and easy! I layered it three times with cheese and sauce and just did not coat it enough with the bread crust. I still wonder if I would’ve layered the chicken only twice if that would’ve made a difference. After prepping, I cooked it on high for 4 hours although it very well could’ve been ready earlier than that… (it was a little burned around the edges). Oh well I guess I will have to try again to find out! I paired it with some spaghetti noodles and then oven baked homemade garlic bread toast.

Well last night I made the easiest dinner I could’ve possibly made.

If you go to the grocery store late a night you can get some food for cheaper. I bought about maybe 10 pound ( I really have no idea) chicken breasts that were already seasoned with bbq seasoning for about $7. So easy! Didn’t even have to do anything to it except put it in my crock-pot after my 11am class and set that magical device to high and waited 4 hours (waiting and smelling it cooking is the hardest part). Well at the last like 30 mins I made those instant bagged mashed potatoes and bam! I had my side dish. The chicken just fell apart and was flavorful (although I did dip my chicken in more bbq sauce). I made a little too much (well not the mashed potatoes because once I eat just a little bit I cannot stop) but hey now I have leftovers for my afternoon snack after class today! Thank goodness because I’m starving!

It was absolutely delicious, but next time I think I’m going to try injecting the bbq chicken with something or cook it in bbq sauce. Or for the Parmesan chicken definitely put more breadcrumbs! I definitely want to try  more dishes and maybe a little more complex. If you have any suggestions please do let me know!



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