Hey, What’s up, Hello!

This whole blogging thing is a little new to me so bear with me!

Well, I mean I’ve done the whole tumblr thing but I never actually wrote anything significant. Just reblogged and let other people voice what I wanted to say.

That’s obviously not going to be what I am doing here. haha

I am 21 years old and graduating senior so I have learned quite a bit but still have a lot of living and learning to do.

So with that being said, I am going to take you into the world of my life, my experiences, and what I have (hopefully) learned in the process. It may not always be that funny, interesting, or entertaining, but I do hope that it will be helpful and that I could receive feedback or even hear in response about your experiences.

Now, I am not very good at staying on top of things all the time but i am going to try and actively post about things. If you ever want to know if I posted about anything I am going to TRY (keyword there: try…) and update my other social media sites:

Facebook: Brittany Wallace

Twitter: bwallinn

Instagram: bwallinn

Tumblr (weird i know): http://ahellraisinsuga.tumblr.com/

I look forward to sharing with you and once again trying something new! 🙂


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