Just want to be one of the cool kids! 

I am the 3rd to youngest out of my 8 siblings! My 4 oldest sisters I never really hung out or were around as I was growing up. Then, 2 of my brothers are under the age of 6. 

So the only ones really around was my oldest brother, currently 31, and then one of my sisters, currently 25. Then there was my cousin, 27. She’s like my big sister and was always around (we couldn’t get rid of her, jk).

Of course out of the three I was the youngest and the last to turn 21. So unfortunate but I was still able to go to the parties and hang out (only when I had turned 18). Although, it wasn’t the same. No one likes being the sober one whenever everyone else has their drunk alter egos going on. 

I felt like I was missing out and that when I turned 21 I would be let in on the big crazy party and be part of the cool crowd. 

Boy oh boy was I wrong! 

Was I glad that I finally got to go out to the bars and party with my brother, cousin, and all their friends? Yes! But it wasn’t the idea I thought of. 

When I would see their pictures or hear their stories I would think oh that’s so funny or that’s so cool wish I was there! 

Well they got older and I was still young. That crazy party wasn’t the case for them anymore. My cousin’s a mom of three and well my brother…he’s 31. And my sister, well she went off on her on adventure. I’ve only experienced what I wished to be a part of maybe one time. 

From what I could remember of the night it was a fun time until all the alcohol and my dinner of the night came up. I realized then that the cool crowd I saw before was something that I didn’t want to be a part of. The going out and getting so drunk that I threw up or hearing about the embarrassing stories of my best friends experience the next day. 

(I already had that experience my entire freshman year… Let’s be serious it’s college. But it’s a different story when you can legally do it.) 

Although it wasn’t what I imagined, I did find something else. I saw a group of friends that had a few drinks, shared some laughs and stories, and made some memories. After seeing that, that was the cool crowd I liked and love being a part of.🍻🎉


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