Embrace the mane!

I have thick curly hair! When I say thick, I mean it has nothing on a lion’s mane!

When I was younger, my hair was not thick at all. Actually, as a child I barely had any hair. My family always made fun of me and still do to this day. They would share stories about how they would try and tape barbie doll hair to my head… yeah. (I blame them for cursing/blessing me with the mane I have today.) You would think, because of this I would LOVE the fact that I have lots of hair. Yeah, no.

I didn’t know what to do with my curls and no one else in my family had hair like mine. I just wanted easier hair and be able to do things with it without it looking a mess. I was teased about nappy hair or about my fro or that it was a mess and looked like a bird’s nest. As I grew older I tried everything to have normal, manageable hair. I straightened it almost all the time, always put it up in a bun, or put different chemicals in my hair (relaxers, keratin treatments, etc). It was damaging my hair and causing it to break off or not grow. (I am still growing these pieces back.)

Before I knew how to manage my hair!


My hair straight and long!

After that point, I gave up. I decided I needed to find healthier alternatives to my hair and things that would actually work for me. I started using pinterest and Google to find what others were doing. After many trials and errors, I started to actually find things that worked for me.

Here’s a couple of things that worked for me (let me just say that no matter what, it will still be a mane just notttt a crazy untamed mane):

  1. LOTS OF GEL or MOUSSE! Yes, it sucks that your hair may be hard sometimes. Although, when I used it I found that no matter what my fro was going to win out, BUT I noticed that even though the mane found its way it was tamed just enough.
  2. Leave in conditioner = best friend. It’s literally my best friend. After my showers and yanking my hair with just my regular conditioner, using my leave in conditioner afterwards and not brushing through it or anything worked perfectly for me.
  3. 1 & 2 together: If I didn’t want super hard hair and a huge knotted mane then I usually use these two things together. It gives me a good mixture. Not too hard and not too soft. So my curls were tamed (semi) but still soft.
  4. Coconut Oil: Yes! After months of my mom asking me to test out using coconut oil on my hair I tried it. AND I AM IN LOVE! It has made my hair a little less frizzy and has made it so much softer. Now, I just started using it so I’m not sure what the long term result will be but my short term results is something I love. I suggest everyone with every type of hair to use it! Plus its useful for even as lotion or cooking oil. How can you go wrong with such a versatile option!
  5. THIS: it works!  :
  6. LASTLY: CONFIDENCE… I am still working on this one but still there are days that I own my curls and rock my mane! You’re a lion. You are on top of the world and fierce! Remember that! My curls are unique and beautiful, but a pain in the ass (they are like me)! 🙂

My hair after I learned to manage it!

There are days where I hate my hair and just plain annoyed with it. I have learned though that everyone has that issue, you just have to deal and learn to fall in love with your hair. Plus I’ve learned to think of my mane like this, when its curly I’m one person and when its straight I can feel like a brand new woman. Also, it could be much worse…. I could have no hair. Its been a process and is still a process that I am learning.

But I am still learning and starting to EMBRACE THE MANE!





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