Love, Love!

Lately, I’ve been seeing this quote from Liam Neeson.

It’s true. I’ve been in and out of love so many times and at some points I wanted to give up on this feeling. I hated love and wanted nothing to do with it.

But here is the catch. You feel all those things and wonder how does someone that “loves” you do that to you. How can they make you think all those things and make you want to give up on love, on the love you both once shared with each other? They aren’t supposed to do.

That love they have for you and the love you have for them is supposed to make you feel alive and like you are floating on top of the world. Every day you are with them should feel like this is your happiest day of your life. It’s something you want to experience everyday and something you want them to feel as well everyday.

When you find that person that truly loves you and you truly love them; you will definitely know that you have found love, that pure love. You will see why all those other people just didn’t feel right and why you didn’t feel complete.

That one true person, that person that you and him/her are so intoxicatingly in love with, will show you that this is how you want to be treated and this is what you want and that because you are with that person all is going to be right. This person will push you to excel and support you always. They will be honest with you and never lie. Your person that you are so in love with will make you see what fairy tales are really made of and make you believe in the good of love again.

It may take some time and you will probably get some bumps and bruises. But each time you fall, get right back up and give that guy that’s checking you out or the guy you’ve been crushing on for the past 3 years a chance. You never know, because that could be your reality Prince Charming. And if you don’t then you may be missing out and blocking your happily ever after because of the fear of all the things we associate with love instead of the one true thing and that is love itself.


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