Something about him. 

I love his sweet smile, gentle touch, the way his kisses touches my soul, or the loving way he looks at me.

I love seeing him light up talking about all that he wants to do, but seeing that fear as well. I want to be there to support him and be there to help him succeed because I know he can.

I love listening to him talk about his passions and seeing him get lost in it. I can’t help but smile and think man I love this man.

I love hearing him laugh and joke. Seeing him relaxed and happy warms my heart.

I love the way he cares for me and makes it known in every move he makes and every word he says.

I love when I am around him, hearing his stories, and I can see that he is the bravest and has the kindest soul. A person you just want to be around because he is a great person and makes you want to be a better person.

I love seeing that even on his hardest days he keeps moving and stays strong. He trusts in himself and I trust in him.

I love his resilience, his heart, his brilliance, his smile, his love, his passion, his ambition, the way he believes in good and does good, and everything about him. There is just something about him that makes me feel for him, want him, need him, and to always love him.


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