Give and Receive

We all want to be loved, appreciated, and overall just acknowledged. But in order to receive these things we must reciprocate those feelings. We get so used to getting these things from our partners and getting wrapped up into ourselves that we forget about our partners and what they need and want. Just imagine if they stop showing their love for you, their appreciation for all that you do, or completely stop acknowledging your feelings and wants. You wouldn’t want that so why would you do it to them?

I’m not saying you have to shower them with gifts or flowers or anything along those lines. But more of just when you come say “Hi darling”, “How was your day”, or even just a thank you for doing the dishes, cleaning the house, etc. It just a simple acknowledgement that they are there and you appreciate them and what they do.

One big thing to acknowledge is their feelings. When you are fighting or when they are sharing their feelings with you, remember that they are vulnerable. They are trusting you with their heart and opening up to you. This is where you must acknowledge what they are saying. Do not tear them down, try and turn things on them, or just plainly do not respond. It makes it seem you do not care of what they have to say or how they are feeling. Explain that you understand what they are saying and then tell them how you see it and how you feel about it.

You may think that you’re doing everything and that it should be obvious that you love that person or what you are doing shows it. But you have to keep in mind your S.O.’s perspective and how they may see things. You could be unintentionally hurting them, so take the time to converse and communicate what you both need or want.

I have learned that I cannot be the only one expecting to get the love and attention that I want but that I must also reciprocate. But at the same time that it is not healthy for me to be the only that gives that affection. From experience it makes you feel unwanted, worthless, and under-appreciated. It takes a huge toll on your emotions, relationship, trust, and self-esteem.

Be in a relationship where you give and you take. When you feel you are not receiving the affection and attention to you want and need find that person you are able to express to them what it is that you are feeling and have a conversation about it. You will get no where if you do not communicate. Communication is a big part of your relationship. It is one of the core foundation. We have always been told treat others the way you want to be treated, and this is so true in a relationship. If you wouldn’t want to be talked to that way or treated that way then why would you do that to the person you love or care about?

Trust me it is a wonderful feeling to be loved and to love back. Love is powerful. Everyone should experience it and embrace it.


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