Day 4 of 160…

Guys! I went the entire day without crying! I think it was because I actually kept myself pretty preoccupied and I got to talk to Hottie with a body a lot more today. But as I laid in bed I thought to myself the best part of my day is talking to him. Even when he’s home. I can say whatever and be myself and he’ll still think I’m the cutest person in the world and love me.

But every time I talk to him he knows how to ease my mind and make me laugh. I fall in love with him even more every second.

I spent the morning regretting having to wake up because since I haven’t really been sleeping well the last 3 days I was finally so exhausted that I passed out. There was still some tossing and turning but still it was actual sleep.

I had to go to the doctors appointment for my stupid broken foot (way to go time for breaking your foot 2 days before he is to leave) wishing hottie was with me since he knows all things medical and would remember everything they told me to do 😂 because I can tell you I forgot the moment he said the words lol oops.

Then I got to meet up with a friend for lunch and ice cream. I’m grateful for the friends I have made here and all the support I have gotten. I would’ve probably came straight home and just cried if I didn’t have friends trying to help me stay busy. It was nice to have someone to talk to and to keep my mind busy and not wandering.

I got a FaceTime while I was out though. Of course I answered it. Even though he was joking around about me always being busy and out. You could tell he was relieved. Last thing I want is for him to stress and worry about me and everything here while he is over there because then I’m going to get wayyy to stressed out 😂

Y’all I’m not going to lie for the past 3 days I haven’t touched or moved anything really in the house. I haven’t cleaned or anything. Today I started to clean some. I wasn’t ready for it. I liked feeling like he was still there messing up what I had just cleaned. If I cleaned it then it would stay clean and remind me that he’s not home to mess it all up and listen to me yell. Then that would remind me that I’m alone. I didn’t want to change anything but then I told myself suck it up. He’ll be back soon and you’ll be back to yelling at him to help clean up or telling him thanks a lot for messing up my newly washed carpet.

But at the end of the night I was grateful that I got to talk to him some before he went to bed. And actually seeing him smile for the first time in 4 days (he’s ahead of me) and seeing a look of love on his face that made my heart skip a beat. And then being able to tell him good morning while he got to tell me goodnight. It’s the little things that are helping me get there this.

P.S. counting the months makes it easier as well instead of the days haha makes it seem so much shorter.

P.S.S. someone told me that counting fridays also helps!

Also having a dog that loves to cuddle and take up as much space as your S.O. helps too! 


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