Are you alone? 

Do you ever just feel so alone? You have this entire community and are surround by people, but yet you feel so isolated. You’re wanting to reach out and hoping for a connection, a friend, someone to interact with but then you feel like you’re being a nuisance, no one likes you, or you’re trying too hard. And let’s face it with how mean the world is it’s not a shock to feel this way. 

It sucks. You start to question everything else around you. You start to ask yourself 

what are you doing with your life? 

what is wrong with you? 

Are you just annoying? 

Maybe they can find someone better? 

What are you doing wrong? 

And those questions dig and dig at you until you break yourself down. The worst part is you then have to build yourself back up to make you feel okay again. Yeah others will tell you that oh you’re great or don’t knock yourself down but those words just feel like words to you. Because of that self doubt that you were just feeling has torn you apart. Now don’t get me wrong, you do have that occasionally moment where you see that sliver of hope again. And truthfully you hold onto like it’s your lifeline…and makes you try again and again. 

We need human interaction. We need to feel connected to others to survive. Yes you can love yourself and believe in yourself but everyone has their dark days some more than others. And that is when they need that community, that friend, or that loved one to be there and pick them back up. Help support them and help them rebuild themselves after they torn theirselves down. It may take some time but you keep trying. You are there for them and never give up on them. That is all anyone wants. To know that there is someone out there that they can depend on. To know that they are not alone because being lonely in world so big so full is the most alone a person can be and that is hard to overcome alone. 


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